How (and why) it Works

The Scenes + The Lifecycle

The Scenes

Real-time, location-based and personalized (lifestyle-relevant) scenes where you can access attendees collectively or individually.




SCENE is for events of all kinds and sizes, whether it’s a ticketed public mega event or a private birthday party.
Create your event in a few quick steps and interact with your attendees or guests

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This is the perfect tool for your brand activation. Select the lifestyle theme and interests that match your brand’s theme and link you with your niche market, and put your brand into action! So for example, if you sell kitesurfing equipment, you can organize an activity on the beach with kitesurfers to try out your equipment!

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A comprehensive list of all the city’s tourism, entertainment and cultural hotspots.
Dubai’s residents and tourists alike can find their preferred spots according to their unique lifestyles and interests.

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The Lifecycle

A lifecycle buzzing with engagement
App interface

Pre attendance

Set the stage

Fill out your scene’s story and select the best fit lifestyle theme and interests to attract the right audience.

Create a buzz

Build up the intrigue and anticipation by sharing what’s going on behind the scenes.

Post eye-catching photos and videos (coming soon) with witty copy of your upcoming event, activity or attraction. Share teasers for example of your performers, speakers, venue and/or the “making-of”.

Experiences will be:

Interact with current attendees

Keep track of the attendees list and engage with them on-the go. Respond to their public enquiries and/or private chat messages.

Interact with potential attendees

Your followers are your biggest advocates. Use the Social feature to find and engage with lifestyle-relevant top influencers, and get creative together to produce more authentic content and relationships with your audience.

During attendance

Amplify the buzz

Impress with sneak-peaks or “the-making-of” right before your scene starts through the experiences and livestream (coming soon) features.

Make a scene!

Livestream the key moments of your scene and post in real-time. Broadcast it to the followers who couldn’t attend but are trying to keep up from afar.

Own it

Add a unique hashtag (coming soon) to your experiences and keep your content and the conversation around your scene circulating in the city`s livefeed.

Ride the momentum

Take advantage of the huge value in the livestreaming of a scene. It is an interactive and real-time video which sparks the curiosity of new audiences and brings them to the organizer. This is when an organizer can show off their capabilities and gain more audiences for their next scenes.

Interact on-ground to intrigue online

Livestream interviews and testimonials from celebrities, speakers and attendees, while allowing followers to interact with the key people in your scenes and save these livestreams in the scene’s experiences section.

App interface

Take it to the media!

You can give permission to local and international media outlets to broadcast your livestreams!

Post attendance

App interface
App interface
App interface

Leave your scene’s mark

Polish up your scene:

  • Post about the success of your scene.
  • Checkout experiences and interact with posters.
  • Respond to rating and reviews.
  • Connect with and mobilize your advocates to crowd-source ideas and promote your next scene.

PR & media

Extract media-appealing data and highlights from the analytics and enrich your PR material with statistics to get more visibility such as the number of attendees, experiences and livestream views in addition to shared content.