Ticketing Terms of Service for Attendees

Effective Date: 18/11/2019



Our aim is to provide SCENE’s attendees with a fast-tracked service to register attendance for events, activities or attractions online and seamlessly purchase tickets and offers via your mobile and web-based application on-the go. All tickets, offers and bundles are sold and managed directly by SCENE-verified events and activities organizers, in addition to tour operators, venues, attractions and entities responsible for entertainment functions in hotels. Users’ accounts on the SCENE platform are governed by the ‘General Terms and Conditions’. The following Terms of Service dictate the policies that Attendees need to adhere to in order for the SCENE ticketing service to be facilitated.

  1. Definitions:
  • SCENE’ refers to SCENE Entertainment Tech Ltd.
  • SCENE’ refers to the owner of the Platform and Services provided herewith to Attendees and Organizers. An ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market)-registered company under Scene Entertainment Tech Ltd, which is owned by Scene Social Entertainment Holdings Ltd (“SCENE” or “Company”), registered under license number 000002467 and 000001460 respectively. SCENE can be contacted via the following email address: info@scene.app
  • Platform’ refers to SCENE’s online network-marketplace which consists of mobile applications (iOS and Android) and a web application in the domain www.scene.app, as well as all software, processes and any other Services provided by or through SCENE.
  • Account’ refers to the profile through which an Attendee or an Organizer exists and has a presence on the SCENE Platform and manages their presence by numerous activities which include but not limited to sharing Content and engaging with other Users.
  • Event’ refers to a social happening or function bringing together people around a main artist, performer, presenter, coach or any personality.
  • Activity’ refers to a cluster of like-minded people around recreational, cultural or professional interests online and offline.
  • Attraction’ refers to a location or a destination which attracts residents and tourists for tourism, entertainment, cultural and recreational purposes.
  • scene’ or ‘scenes’ refers to any Event, Activity or Attraction of any nature, including but not limited to entertainment, tourism, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions), leisure, sports, concerts, arts and culture, tours, family or professional business happenings which the Organizer adds to the Platform’s list and promotes and sells Tickets for through the Platform to Attendees.
  • Attendee’ refers to any individual (resident or tourist) or organization that completes SCENE’s Account registration process, uses the Platform to purchase individual or bulk goods and services, including but not limited to Tickets, or any complimentary products or services sold through the Platform.
  • Organizer’ refers to any individual, partnership or organization within the Entertainment, Events, Tourism or MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) sector, whether privately or publicly owned, that is responsible for the organization, promotion and delivery of any kind of scene and irrespective of admission requirements (free of charge or paid).
  • User’ or ‘Users’ refers to any Account holder, whether an Attendee or an Organizer, who the Services are provided for through the Platform.
  • Ticket’ refers to an entrance pass sold through the Platform.
  • Services’ refers to all features and tools provided to all Users, including Attendees and Organizers, through the Platform.
  • Venue’ refers to the premises upon which or in which a scene takes place.
  • Content’ refers to any textual, graphical, audio, video, audiovisual and other content types.
  1. Attendees Ticket Purchase Policy
  • Ticket purchasers must provide their full name and email address for Organizers to be able to verify ticket holders at check-in, and for SCENE to manage registrations and update Attendees with any announcements related to the scene to be attended.
  • By registering and making a purchase an Attendee agrees that all details provided are accurate.
  • At checkout stage, the Platform displays the final net value of the tickets price (VAT included). To book the Ticket, a full payment must be made at the time of purchase.
  • Tickets purchased are for the use of the named buyer and immediate family members or friends if the individual is acting on their behalf to purchase the tickets.
  • Each Ticket admits one Attendee only.
  • All Tickets are for the purchaser’s own personal use (including friends and family) or that of the purchaser’s business only.
  • The re-sale of purchased SCENE issued Tickets by ticket brokers on secondary online markets (For example Viagogo or Dubbizle) is strictly prohibited, and legal procedures will be executed to pursue any person or entity engaged in such actions.
  • All Tickets sold on the Platform are authorized and managed directly by the Organizer. Purchases must be made via the Platform to ensure Tickets are valid and sold at the right price. SCENE will not be responsible for any Ticket with a SCENE trademark and registration number bought via secondary online platforms which may be forged, stolen or voided at entry by the Venue’s management, and for any financial losses due to inflated re-selling prices.
  • Tickets sold are non-refundable except if the date for attendance of a scene is postponed, rescheduled or canceled by the Organizer, or if a Venue is closed on the scheduled attendance day. In addition to the limited conditions described below in the Refunds Policy (Clause 7).
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged except in the occurrence of the limited circumstances described below in the Refunds Policy (Clause 7).
  • All payments processed via the Platform will be billed by ‘Scene Entertainment Tech Ltd’.
  1. Ticket Purchase Confirmation
  • Upon purchase, a mobile ticket will be stored in the Attendee’s SCENE mobile app, and an email confirmation will be sent to the registered email address in the form of an electronic ticket receipt (eTicket PDF file).
  • The eTicket will contain the Ticket holder’s name, SCENE’s username, email address, payment receipt (ticket category, quantity and price), the scene’s information (scene name, Organizer name and ID number, Venue address, time and date), and identification information (unique reference number and unique barcode for each Ticket).
  1. Paperless Tickets Policy
  • SCENE offers a digital paperless Ticket. SCENE does not use postal services to deliver a hard copy for any purchased tickets in the form of a printed paper ticket, access card, badge, wristband or any other material.
  • All purchased Tickets are stored in the Attendee’s mobile app and an electronic Ticket receipt (PDF format) is emailed to the Attendee’s registered email address. Therefore, Attendees are not required to hold a hard copy of the Ticket due to loss or fear of theft, nor will an Attendee miss out on scenes due to courier delays.
  • Attendees are advised to check the Ticketing Terms of Service for Organizers in case the Organizer requests to provide a printed copy of an Attendees’ eTicket at the point of entry.
  • To protect Attendees from potential electronic Tickets theft in the event that an Attendee’s eTicket’s PDF file is copied (via hacked email, or through the usage of a shared email address), SCENE advises Organizers to prioritize using Attendees’ SCENE mobile app Tickets over emailed PDF eTickets, therefore attendees are required to have their mobile app Ticket open on their mobiles when at the point of entry for check-in verification. In the event that the Organizer only uses a printed PDF eTicket, and the Ticket was unlawfully copied/stolen and used/scanned before the rightful Ticket holder checks-in, the Ticket holder will be refused entry as the Ticket will have been used at the time of first use. No refund will be offered as it is the responsibility of the Attendee in this case to take the measures needed to protect their email’s inbox and printed material, and to be cautious of their online activities which may leave their accounts and documents vulnerable to theft.
  1. Ticket Usage and Attendance Policy
  • SCENE uses the Platform’s native-built digital mobile Ticket and uses the Platform’s check-in system to track sold Tickets and manage Attendees’ entry via the unique reference number and bar code assigned to each Ticket.
  • All Tickets that are accessed via the SCENE mobile app or printed can be scanned by the Organizer using the Platform’s free check-in feature accessible through the Organizer feature on the SCENE mobile app. The app is designed for bulletproof protection against Ticket duplication.
  • Some Organizers may require Attendees to exchange their SCENE mobile app Ticket or SCENE emailed eTicket for a printed ticket issued by the Venue. In such circumstances, the same booths used for check-in verification at the Venue’s entrance, will act as a collection booth to exchange Tickets. These booths are usually situated at the Venue’s entrance.
  • Depending on the type of scene, Organizers may provide Attendees with a badge, wristband or similar electronic access controls upon verifying Attendees SCENE Ticket at check-in. These items are used to identify the holder inside the Venue and to manage access points’ entry permission. It is the Attendee’s responsibility to protect these items. SCENE and the Organizer are not responsible for the replacement or refund for lost or stolen access items.
  • Organizers may require Attendees to provide proof that they are the original purchaser of the Ticket at the point of entry to the Venue in the form of a National ID Card, Passport, Driver’s License, and/or by presenting the original credit/debit card used to purchase the Ticket/s. We advise Attendees to review the Organizer’s requirements and always carry at least one government verified photo identity card (National ID, Passport or Driving License).
  • In the event that a bulk of Ticket/s is purchased by the Attendee on behalf of immediate family members and/or friends, then it is required for all attending members to enter at the same time.
  • Holder of any duplicate or forged SCENE Tickets attempting to enter the Venue will be stopped by the Venue management security personnel. Forging Tickets is a criminal offence and the forger will be held legally accountable.
  • Complimentary Tickets and passes given to media personnel, influencers, brand activation marketers and/or any marketing and media entity personnel will be provided in the form of an emailed eTicket with their full name to attend a scene.
  • Ticket holders who have obtained their SCENE Tickets via winning contests or competitions (online or offline) run by SCENE or by a third party will be emailed an eTicket with the name of the contest or competition and the winner’s full name (sent as a selection confirmation) to attend a scene.
  • It is Attendees’ sole responsibility to obtain a visa if they require an entry visa to travel to the country of the scene and attend. An Attendee must allow sufficient time for the visa’s application procedure. The Attendee’s emailed SCENE eTicket can be used as a ‘purpose of the visit’ confirmation document with the Attendee’s visa application. In the case that an Attendee requires further proof for attending a long-duration scene, including but not limited to conferences, exhibitions or courses, the Attendee should contact the Organizer through the Platform to obtain an Attendance Confirmation letterhead. In the event that the Attendee is not granted a visa, SCENE is under no obligation to refund the Ticket.
  1. Venue and Organizer Conduct Policy
  • All Tickets issued are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Venue, the Organizer and the city/country in which the scene is taking place. It is the responsibility of the Attendee to abide by such Rules and Regulations and to familiarize themselves with the Rules and Regulations before purchasing a Ticket.
  • The Organizer and the Venue’s management reserve the right of entry and the right to conduct security searches at any time to ensure safety and security at the Venue. In the case that a Ticket holder is declined entry to the Venue or ejected from the Venue post-entry due to misconduct and dangerous, disruptive, unruly or unlawful behavior, SCENE and the Organizer are not responsible for the replacement or refund of Tickets.
  • It is the Attendee’s responsibility to attend a scene at the correct published time, date and location. Reminders can be viewed via the Attendee’s notifications feature and calendar feature on the Platform. SCENE accepts no responsibility or liability in the case that an Attendee fails to attend a scene due to failing to secure timely attendance to the respective scene’s Venue.
  • In the case that a scene has a Show Up Time of ‘At the Start’ as a timing guideline, Attendees are required to enter within the specific referenced timeframe. In the case that, a Ticket holder is denied from entry due to late attendance, SCENE and the Organizer are not responsible for the replacement or refund of Tickets.
  • Some scenes, particularly shows, festivals and live music events may have a “No re-entry” policy during the time of holding. Attendees who wish to leave to return a prohibited item to their vehicle or need to exit and re-enter due to personal emergencies, must first make contact with the Organizer or the Venue management’s services team via the Venue’s entrance check-in location to make the necessary arrangements for exit and re-entry. No refunds will be issued to Attendees who leave a Venue during a scene and are refused re-admission/re-attendance because of the no re-entry policy. It is the responsibility of the Attendee to familiarize themselves with the Venue’s and the Organizer’s re-entry policy prior to attending the scene.
  • Some scenes may be age-restricted and it is the responsibility of the person who purchases the Ticket/s to check that s/he and persons on whose behalf s/he purchases the Tickets comply with such age restrictions before purchasing the Tickets. If an Attendee attends a scene where age restrictions apply, they must be able to provide photographic proof of identity and age or entitlement, as appropriate (e.g. student pass). The Organizer’s and Venue’s management personnel reserve the right to refuse entry, without refund, to any person who is unable to provide such photographic proof.
  • Some scenes may have dress-code requirements and it is the responsibility of the Attendee to review the scene’s requirements on the Platform to familiarize themselves with any dress code restrictions and abide by them upon attending. SCENE will not be held liable and will not refund the Ticket purchase if entry to the Venue is declined by the Venue or the Organizer for failure to meet the dress code.
  • The Venue’s management or the Organizer may restrict what items are brought into the Venue, including but not limited to food and beverages from outside of the Venue, whistles, laser pens, flash lights, drums, seating, large umbrellas, flags, flagpoles, sharp objects, glass objects or any other item in reasonable opinion which may cause danger or disruption to the scene or to other Attendees. If an Attendee wishes to bring any item s/he are not sure of, s/he are required to check with the Organizer. SCENE will not be held liable and will not refund the Ticket purchase if entry to the Venue is declined or an Attendee is ejected for bringing, or attempting to bring, a restricted item into a scene. Furthermore, SCENE accepts no responsibility or liability for items confiscated by the Organizer or the Venue’s management.
  • For some scenes, the Venue’s management or the Organizer may restrict flash photography or live event video recording at the Venue. If an Attendee would like to bring photographic and recording equipment. Please check with the Organizer beforehand. An Attendee can post an enquiry on the scene’s page or send a private message to the Organizer on the Platform.
  • For some scenes, SCENE, the Organizer, the Venue’s management or any third party operating on behalf of SCENE, the Organizer, the Venue’s management may be photographing and filming the scene inside the Venue or at the immediate surroundings of the entrance to the Venue. Such content may be used by SCENE, the Organizer, the Venue’s management or the third party for promotional purposes. By purchasing a Ticket through the Platform, an Attendee hereby agrees that SCENE, the Organizer, the Venue’s management or any third party may use such material in any way they deem fit, without restriction or perquisite approval. Individual cases for Attendees may be considered.
  • SCENE, the Organizer and the Venue’s management accept no responsibility or liability for items lost or stolen, or injury incurred at a scene.
  1. Attendees Refund Policy
  • Circumstances viable for refund request occurring before the Attendance date:
    • A scene is canceled
    • A scene is postponed to a later date
    • A scene is re-scheduled to an earlier date
    • The main artist, performer, presenter, coach or any personality on which a scene is dependent for success, is changed.
    • Drastic changes to the scene’s content on the Platform or the theme’s description
    • The Venue is closed
    • The Venue is changed to another city
  • Circumstances viable for refund request occurring on the Attendance date:
    • The main artist, performer, presenter, coach or any personality on which a scene is dependent for success does not show up or shows up late (exceeding 3+ hours), or fails to perform for the agreed duration/s.
    • The scene description presented to the Attendee at time of purchase is found to be misleading and significantly different from the actual scene.
    • A Ticket holder is given poor or obstructed view (Ticket holder/Attendee to provide proof).
    • Attendees prevented from entering due to failure of the Organizer to adequately plan for capacity and oversold Tickets for the assigned venue location.
    • The Venue’s management caused delay in entry or the Attendee missed out due to mismanagement and lack of adequate staff to process the check-in ques and security clearance.
  • Tickets cannot be cancelled after purchase. Failure on the part of the Ticket holder to Attend will not be a reason for issuing a refund.
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged after purchase, other than in accordance with Organizer or Venue management’s terms and conditions from which they are purchased. Attendees are required to contact the Organizer for any enquiries related to changes by the Organizer in a Ticket’s category or Attendance date.
  • In the case of a viable refund circumstance, no refund requests or additional action is required by the purchasing Attendee. Ticket holders will:
    • Be notified that the scene is canceled.
    • Receive a refund automatically to the same card used for purchase.
    • Receive a refund within 7-10 business days after the scene’s cancelation notice is issued.
  • In the case that a scene is postponed or rescheduled, Attendees will be informed via the Platform and the email they have provided SCENE with. Unless notified otherwise, the purchased Tickets will be valid for the new scene date. If an Attendee is unable to attend on the new date, a request for refund can be issued by the Ticket holder by contacting info@scene.app. Attendees are required to attach their eTicket to the email for a smooth service.
  • Refund Method
    • Approved refunds as per the conditions above will be issued via the same method that the original payment was made. If payment was made by credit or debit card, then the refund will be made to the same card used for the original purchase.
    • SCENE will work with the Organizer to refund Attendees fully as a top priority, however in cases where additional costs are incurred, SCENE reserves the right to withhold up to 5% of the original purchase value being refunded to cover administrative costs and bank charges in processing the refund.
  • Force Majeure Abandonment of a scene once it has started due to any reason including but not limited to weather conditions, earthquake, fire, flood, death, acts of God, war, insurrection, strike, lockout, failure in power supply, action of a governmental body or any other acts of force majeure not reasonably within the control of SCENE, the Organizer and/or the Venue’s management will not be considered a justifiable reason to issue a refund.
  1. Fraud Detection Policy
  • SCENE works with Organizers to offer through the Platform the best available deals and lowest prices. SCENE only charges the net value shown at the checkout stage in the Platform. No hidden fees are added post-checkout. If charges are not a 100% match to SCENE’s purchase receipt, then the purchaser’s credit/debit card issuer may be applying additional transaction fees or using foreign exchange rates applicable at the time of processing the transaction. In such cases, purchasers are required to follow-up with their bank for clarifications. SCENE will not be accountable for any chargeback fees. However, Attendees are requested to report to SCENE the situation as feedback will be taken into consideration as SCENE expands its payment solutions to cater to additional currencies.
  • In the event that payment is made fraudulently using a lost/stolen credit or debit card or the credit or debit card is used without the permission of the card owner, SCENE reserves the right to cancel such Tickets purchased without refund to the fraudulent purchaser. It is the sole duty of the card holder to take necessary measures to report their stolen card and prevent it from being misused without permission from a persona with access to the card.
  • In the case that Tickets are sold out, SCENE advises interested Attendees to follow the Organizer’s profile on the Platform for updates on upcoming scenes to quickly learn when new Tickets are issued for early-bookings. SCENE advises against buying SCENE issued Tickets for sold out scenes from ticketing brokers, third parties and so forth, as purchasers can never be sure of the validity and authenticity of re-sold Tickets, or that they will receive them at all in time for the scene.
  1. No Waiver

The Attendee understands and agrees that no term or provision of these Ticketing Terms of Service for Attendees will be deemed to have been waived and no breach will be deemed to have been consented to unless said waiver or consent is in writing and signed by the party to be charged.

  1. Terms of Acceptance

By clicking on ‘I accept’ at checkout when purchasing Tickets, the Attendee confirms that s/he have read and accepted the Terms of Service for Attendees as presented by both SCENE and the Organizer, and enters into a binding contract which will be applicable when and if the Attendee uses the Services to attend the scene specified on the Ticket receipt. Furthermore, the Attendee accepts SCENE sharing their Ticket’s information with the Organizer for purchase validation, and that SCENE may share the Attendee’s contact information, including but not limited to email address, with the Organizer only if it is required for the management of attendance outside of SCENE’s platform.

  1. Terms Effectiveness

The Attendee acknowledges that SCENE has no control over and does not guarantee the truth or accuracy of any information provided by the Organizer (including personal information shared in connection with Tickets purchase). Except as otherwise set forth herein, these Terms constitute the entire agreement between an Attendee and SCENE and govern an Attendee’s use of the Services, superseding any prior or contemporaneous agreements, proposals, discussions or communications between the Attendee and SCENE on the subject matter hereof.

  1. Terms Modifications

SCENE reserves the right to modify these Terms from time to time. If we believe the Modifications are material, we will inform the Attendee by doing one (or more) of the following (a) posting the changes through the Services; (b) updating the “Updated” date at the top of this page; or (c) sending the Attendee an email or message about the Modifications. Modifications that are material will be effective thirty (30) days following the “Updated” date or such other date as communicated in any other notice to an Attendee. Modifications that are simply addressing new functions SCENE adds to the Platform or which do not impose any additional burdens or obligations on an Attendee will be effective immediately. An Attendee is responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any Modifications. An Attendee’s continued use of the Services following Modifications constitutes his/her acceptance of those Modifications and the updated Terms.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms of Service are subject to ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Markets) governing law where the Company is registered at, and will be governed and interpreted in line with it.

  1. Account Deletion

Attendees can permanently delete their account on the SCENE platform, by contacting Scene at info@scene.app and submitting a request for account deletion by providing their SCENE username and email. Deleting a SCENE Account will remove all an account’s data and login details. There will be no possibility to restore an account as it will be permanently deleted.

  1. Ticket Help
  • If Attendees have any queries, comments or concerns related to the scene or Venue, Attendees can:
    • Post public enquiries on the scene’s page in the Platform.
    • Message the Organizer privately via the Platform.
  • If Attendees have any queries, comments or concerns related to any account, content, bookings or purchases made on the Platform, or help is required for technical and account matters they should contact SCENE via:
    • Email: info@scene.app
    • Mobile +971544469112
    • WhatsApp Business: +971544469112