Ticketing Terms of Service for Organizers

Effective Date: 18/11/2019


SCENE’s aim is to provide Organizers with a one-stop Platform to add Events, Activities and Attractions (scenes), sell Tickets, promote scenes, engage with existing and prospective Attendees and manage Attendee-registration and check-in on the go. Using the Platform, Organizers can provide their Attendees with a smooth and cashless Ticketing service while enjoying a seamless and optimized sales experience. Organizers’ Accounts on the SCENE Platform are governed by the ‘Terms and Conditions’. The following Terms of Service dictate the policies that Organizers need to adhere to in order for the SCENE Services and Ticketing service to be facilitated for them.

  1. Definitions
  • Agreement’ or ‘Terms’ refers to the terms and conditions mentioned herewith.
  • SCENE’ refers to the owner of the Platform and Services provided herewith to Attendees and Organizers. An ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market)-registered company under Scene Entertainment Tech Ltd, which is owned by Scene Social Entertainment Holdings Ltd (“SCENE” or “Company”), registered under license number 000002467 and 000001460 respectively. SCENE can be contacted via the following email address: info@scene.app
  • Platform’ refers to SCENE’s online network-marketplace which consists of mobile applications (iOS and Android) and a web application in the domain www.scene.app, as well as all software, processes and any other Services provided by or through SCENE.
  • Account’ refers to the profile through which an Attendee or an Organizer exists and has a presence on the SCENE Platform and manages their presence by numerous activities which include but not limited to sharing Content and engaging with other Users.
  • Event’ refers to a social happening or function bringing together people around a main artist, performer, presenter, coach or any personality.
  • Activity’ refers to a cluster of like-minded people around recreational, cultural or professional interests online and offline.
  • Attraction’ refers to a location or a destination which attracts residents and tourists for tourism, entertainment, cultural and recreational purposes.
  • scene’ or ‘scenes’ refers to any Event, Activity or Attraction of any nature, including but not limited to entertainment, tourism, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions), leisure, sports, concerts, arts and culture, tours, family or professional business happenings which the Organizer adds to the Platform’s list and promotes and sells Tickets for through the Platform to Attendees.
  • Attendee’ refers to any individual (resident or tourist) or organization that completes SCENE’s Account registration process, uses the Platform to purchase individual or bulk goods and services, including but not limited to Tickets, or any complimentary products or services sold through the Platform.
  • Organizer’ refers to any individual, partnership or organization within the Entertainment, Events, Tourism or MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) sector, whether privately or publicly owned, that is responsible for the organization, promotion and delivery of any kind of scene and irrespective of admission requirements (free of charge or paid).
  • User’ or ‘Users’ refers to any Account holder, whether an Attendee or an Organizer, who the Services are provided for through the Platform.
  • Ticket’ refers to an entrance pass sold through the Platform.
  • Payment Gateway Processing Fee’ refers to money charged per order by a payment gateway service provider for processing debit and credit card transactions.
  • Payment Gateway Refund Fee’ refers to money charged for a refund request issued by an Attendee to the Organizer, where the Organizer has the right to accept or decline the request, as well as for canceled scenes or postponed scenes.
  • ‘Chargeback Fee’ refers to the fee for handling disputes when a charge is disputed by an Attendee via their cardholder’s bank. In case of a dispute over the Organizer’s scene and payments associated, the Payment Gateway Service Provider will handle the dispute on the Organizer’s behalf.
  • Service Fee’ refers to SCENE’s commission fee charged to provide the Ticket sales and the attendance registration and check-in services per transaction.
  • ‘Payment Gateway Rolling Reserve’ refers to an amount retained by the payment gateway service provider, which consists of 20% of every transaction and is held for 28 weeks before release.
  • Services’ refers to all features and tools provided to all Users, including Attendees and Organizers, through the Platform.
  • Venue’ refers to the premises upon which or in which a scene takes place.
  • Promotional Services’ refers to services offered through SCENE Media or SCENE Content.
  • Organizer Feature’ refers to the tool available on the Platform for Organizers to add a scene to the Platform’s list of scenes.
  • Content’ refers to any textual, graphical, audio, video, audiovisual and other content types.
  1. SCENE’s Free Services

SCENE provides business Organizers with the following free services:

  • Access to the Platform by creating an account or rightfully claiming an existing one.
  • Public profile management.
  • Unlimited scenes listings (free and Ticketed).
  • Unlimited shared Content on the Platform’s Livefeed (both the City Livefeed and the Followers’ Livefeed).
  • Access to the Platform’s network and multiple engagement channels with unlimited private messaging with followers and with existing and prospective attendees.
  1. SCENE’s Paid Services

Upon taking ownership of an Account, an Organizer can sell Tickets and get access to:

  • A self-service-based Ticket sales features which include a single-flaw tokenized and cashless payment solution and paperless scannable mobile Tickets.
  • An Attendee-registration and check-in system, in addition to Earnings and inventories management tools.
  • Premium customer service (pre, during and post attendance).
  • Booking priority in SCENE’s Promotional Spaces and Services.
  1. Account Verification and Membership Policy
  • Organizers seeking to sell Tickets, or packages on the Platform will be requested to provide relevant business operations and business contact information for ‘Proof of Identity’. The Organizer must supply all the required information to verify their account on SCENE.
  • For earnings transfer, Organizers will be required to provide their bank account details when setting up the Tickets sales page for any scene. For businesses, only business bank accounts will be accepted, the bank name must match the business account name or the name of the operations company or holding group. For individuals, the Organizer’s account name must match the bank account’s name.
  • Additional documents may be requested to verify both business and individual Organizers’ bank accounts including but not limited to, Events Permits (If applicable), Venue Booking Confirmation (if applicable), Tax Identification Numbers (if applicable), and copies of government identification documents. This information may be used to verify the Organizer’s identity, the validity and/or legality of the Organizer’s transactions and/or whether the Organizer qualifies to use the Ticketing Service. The Organizer agrees to: (a) provide this information in a timely, accurate and complete manner and (b) maintain and promptly update this information in a timely manner to ensure it remains accurate and complete at all times.
  • SCENE reserves the right to suspend an Organizer’s Account or to withhold any due to the Organizer in the event that SCENE reasonably believes that the Organizer’s registration data or additional registration data is inaccurate or has been changed without notice, or if the Organizer fails to provide all registration data or additional registration data within the timeframes requested.
  1. Scenes Listing Policy
  • The Organizer can add an unlimited number of scenes regardless of the admission criteria (free or Ticketed). The Organizer is solely responsible for ensuring that any scene displaying an Event, Activity or Attraction on the Platform meets all applicable local, state, provincial, national and other laws, rules and regulations, and that the goods and services described on the page and sold on the Platform are delivered as described and in an accurate satisfactory manner.
  1. Tickets Sales Policy and Fees
  • For setting up Tickets sales, subscribed Organizers can use the Organizer Feature to list an unlimited number of scenes. The Organizer Feature consists of steps which require the details of the scene added, the Ticket price and fees structure and the earnings payout details.
  • Organizers add scenes and sell Tickets with the Organizer Feature. During the setup process an Organizer selects the net price and fee structure. Total earnings are calculated based on the price of Tickets and total number sold. Organizers will have the option to absorb, split or pass on fees to Attendees. To learn more about SCENE’s pricing model, fee options and to calculate earnings: visit https://about.scene.app/ticket-your-scene/
  • By using the service and setting up Tickets sales, the Organizer agrees to all fees (SCENE’s Service Fee, the Payment Gateway Processing Fee, the Payment Gateway Refund Fee and the Chargeback Fee) and the Payment Gateway Rolling Reserve policy in accordance with the descriptions published on SCENE’s website www.scene.app
  1. Earnings and Payout Policy
  • Payments are collected by SCENE’s payment gateway service provider then deposited in the Organizer’s specified bank account after subtracting the fees. Any additional fees incurred in the transfer process, will be paid by the Organizer.
  • SCENE acts as the Organizer’s limited agent solely for the purpose of using the Platform’s payment gateway service to collect payments made by Attendees on the Platform and passing such payments to the Organizer.
  • Organizers must provide their bank information for payout on the Platform when organizing a scene’s page with Ticket sales.
  • Payouts to Organizers can be made in USD or AED.
  • A Ticket’s price must be VAT inclusive if VAT payment is applicable in the location of the scene. Organizers are responsible for arranging VAT payments for Tickets sold.
  • Organizers can track their earnings and Tickets sold via their Account on the Platform.
  • For Events and Activities with a one-day duration or a short-term, payouts are transferred within 5-10 business days once SCENE confirms the Event or Activity has been held and receives all payments after the Event or Activity’s end date.
  • For Attractions and tours open throughout the year, Organizers receive monthly recurring payouts, unless the Organizer has a large sales volume, then multiple transactions throughout the month can be accommodated by SCENE’s customer service team.
  1. Price Undercutting Policy
  • SCENE provides Clients with an unmatched package of Services and engagement tools, in addition to limitless access to their niche-based network of users and customers. Therefore, Organizers are required not to undercut their pricing on SCENE in the case that the same Ticket is being sold on either the Organizer’s website or third-party sites. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the removal of the scene.
  1. Cancellation Policy
  • Organizers selling Tickets must contact SCENE at the earliest opportunity, no later than within 24 hours of the decision to cancel a scene. Upon informing SCENE, the Organizer is required to cancel the scene via their Account on the Platform for Ticket holders to be directly informed and to stop future purchases for the scene on the Platform. SCENE will on the other hand, remove any promotional content related to the scene and will send out a ‘Cancellation Notice’ email to inform Attendees who have purchased Tickets that they are due to receive refunds within 7-10 business days from the issued scene’s cancellation notice.
  1. Postponing and Rescheduling Policy
  • Organizers selling Tickets must contact SCENE at the earliest opportunity, no later than within 24 hours of the decision to postpone to a later date or re-schedule to an earlier date a scene. Upon informing SCENE, the Organizer is required to change the dates and timing on the scene via their Account on the Platform for Ticket holders to be directly informed. SCENE will on the other hand send an email to inform Attendees of the change.
  • The purchased Tickets will automatically be valid for the new issued scene dates. If the Attendees are unable to attend on the new date, a request for refund is accepted and can be issued by the Ticket holder.
  1. Drastic Changes to a scene’s Description Policy
  • Updates and minor edits to a scene can be made directly via the Organizer’s Account. However, drastic changes to the scene’s description post Tickets sales (regardless of quantity sold) shall be classified as a significant change liable for refund if Attendees do not accept the change. Organizers with sold Tickets must inform SCENE of any drastic changes before editing their scene’s listings. Attendees will be informed of the change via email and will have the option to accept the change or request a refund.
  • The following circumstances will be classified as significant changes qualifying Attendees to issue a refund request:
    • The main artist, performer, presenter, coach or any personality on which a scene is initially marketed and dependent for success, is changed.
    • The venue is changed to another city which the Ticket holder may not be able to transport to due to timing or financial reasons, hence will be liable to request a refund.
    • The content or theme description of the scene has significantly changed that it no longer matches the original description.
  1. Organizer Refund Policy
  • SCENE has the right to process refunds to Attendees in full and deduct the transaction refund fees from the Organizer’s due payout (if applicable). If no payout is due to the Organizer due to full scene cancelation, a ‘Refund Transaction Invoice’ will be emailed to the Organizer and must be paid within three business days to reimburse SCENE for processing the refunds. No payments will be made to an Organizer with respect to any scene that is cancelled.
  • Summary of circumstances viable for refund request occurring before the scene’s attendance date:
    • The scene is canceled
    • The scene is postponed to a later date
    • The main artist, performer, presenter, coach or any personality on which the scene is marketed and dependent on for success, is changed
    • Drastic changes to the scene’s description or theme
    • The Venue is closed
    • The Venue is changed to another city
  • Summary of circumstances viable for refund request occurring on the attendance date:
    • The main artist, performer, presenter, coach or any personality on which a scene is dependent for success does not show up or shows up late (exceeding 3+ hours), or fails to perform for the agreed duration/s.
    • The scene description presented to the Attendee at time of purchase is found to be misleading and significantly different from the actual scene.
    • The Ticket holder is given poor or obstructed view (Ticket holder/Attendee to provide proof).
    • Attendees prevented from entering due to failure of the Organizer to adequately plan for capacity and oversold Tickets for the assigned Venue location.
    • Venue’s management caused delay in entry or the Attendee missed out due to mismanagement and lack of adequate staff to process the check-in ques and security clearance.
    • Venue not equipped with appropriate seating, lighting, speakers, air-conditioning/heating, and rest rooms causing the Ticket holders to leave before the paid agreed on duration.
  1. Attendees Complaints and Refund Disputes
  • All disputes regarding refund requests that are not covered in section 12 are between the Organizer and the Attendee submitting the refund request.
  • In the event of a dispute, SCENE may try to mediate, but ultimately it is the Organizer’s obligation to settle the dispute. Refunds authorized by the Organizer due to dispute or failure to provide service to a particular Attendee (based on individual cases) will be issued by SCENE on behalf of the Organizer.
  1. Refund Charges Imbursement
  • In case of a viable refund, SCENE has the right to process refunds to Attendees in full.
  • In case of cancellation, postponement or a significant change to the scene or any of the circumstances described in section 12 resulting in the need to refund Tickets in large bulk, the Organizer agrees to pay SCENE a sum equivalent to the original Service Fee agreed upon on all refunded Tickets plus an administration fee of US$500 to review and process refund requests. Furthermore, the Organizer agrees to pay SCENE any applicable credit/debit card processing charges relating either to Ticket purchase and refund.
  1. Chargeback Policy
  • Any debit/credit card chargebacks or other transaction reversals initiated against SCENE (except to the extent they are caused solely by SCENE’s negligence or technical error) with respect to an Organizer’s scene and all related debit/credit card association, payment processing, re-presentment, penalty and other fees and expenses incurred by SCENE or its payment gateway affiliates in connection with such chargebacks will ultimately be the responsibility of the Organizer, and the Organizer hereby agrees to promptly and fully reimburse SCENE for such amounts upon the submission of warranted chargeback cases and respective invoices.
  • SCENE will manage the re-presentment of such chargebacks and reversals on behalf of an Organizer to dispute a chargeback if it was not warranted and retrieve funds that rightfully belong to the Organizer. The Organizer hereby authorizes SCENE to do so and agrees to use reasonable efforts to cooperate with SCENE in such re-presentment. However, SCENE will have no obligation to re-present any chargeback that it believes in its discretion is more likely than not to lose or that relates to a transaction that should be refunded. Both parties agree that SCENE’s loss of any chargeback that has been re-presented by SCENE will not in any way limit Organizer’s obligation to reimburse SCENE, as SCENE’s role is restricted to payments agent and mediator, and will not be responsible for chargeback disputed between the Attendee and Organizer.
  1. Ticket Purchase Confirmation
  • Upon purchase, a mobile Ticket will be stored in the Attendee’s SCENE mobile app, and an email confirmation will be sent to the registered email address in the form of an electronic Ticket receipt (eTicket PDF file).
  • The eTicket will contain the Ticket holder’s name, email address, payment receipt (Ticket category, quantity and price), the scene’s information (scene name, Organizer name and ID number, Venue address, time and date, and identification information (unique reference number and unique barcode for each Ticket).
  • The Organizer agrees to unconditionally accept, honor and fulfill all Ticketing, purchases and registrations that have been confirmed by SCENE through the Platform’s Ticketing service. The Organizer agrees it is their responsibility to verify a Ticket holder’s confirmation number at check-in stage, which can be done using SCENE’s check-in feature (by using SCENE’s automatic code scanner or entering the Ticket’s number manually).
  1. Paperless Tickets Policy
  • SCENE offers a digital paperless Ticket. SCENE does not use postal services to deliver a hard copy for any purchased Tickets in the form of a printed paper ticket, access card, badge, wristband or any other material.
  • All purchased Tickets are stored in the Attendee’s SCENE Calendar feature and an electronic Ticket receipt (PDF format) is emailed to the Attendee’s registered email address. If a printed copy of the eTicket is required at the point of entry, then the Organizer is requested to mention it in the scene description on the Platform.
  • For ease of use, and to protect Attendees from potential electronic Tickets theft in the event that an Attendee’s eTicket PDF file is copied (via hacked email, or through the usage of a shared email address), SCENE advises Organizers to prioritize using the Attendees’ SCENE Calendar Ticket, therefore Attendees are required to have their SCENE Ticket open on their apps when at the point of entry for check-in verification. In the event that the Organizer only uses a printed PDF eTicket, and the Ticket was unlawfully copied/stolen and used/scanned before the rightful Ticket holder checks in, the Ticket holder will be refused entry as the Ticket will have been cancelled at the time of first use. No refund will be offered as it is the responsibility of the Attendee in this case to take the measures needed to protect their email’s inbox and printed material, and to be cautious of their online activities which may leave their accounts and documents vulnerable to theft.
  1. Ticket Usage and Attendance Policy
  • All tickets that are accessed via the SCENE app or printed can be scanned by the Organizer using the Platform’s check-in feature accessible through the Organizer feature on the Platform’s app. The app is designed for bulletproof protection against Ticket duplication.
  • Organizers hereby acknowledge that the applicable procedure to check the validity of a Ticket must always be followed. SCENE will not be held liable under any circumstances for any costs arising from non-compliance by Organizers and failure to check the validity of Tickets. SCENE will not be held liable under any circumstances for costs and/or damage associated with Tickets arising from situations with fraud and/or for damage associated with the purchase of the Ticket through non-official means, such as third parties.
  1. Venue and Organizer Conduct Policy
  • An Organizer hereby ensures that a Venue for a scene, whether hosted by the Organizer or the Organizer’s affiliates will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules and ordinances; and that the Organizer will obtain, prior to the start of Ticket sales, all applicable licenses, permits, and authorizations (individually and collectively, “Licensure”).
  • Organizers are required to mention on the scene’s listing on the Platform any restrictions or conduct guidelines applicable to the scene or venue, such as but not limited to: last attendance timings, no re-entry policy, dress code and age restrictions, restricted items, and the allowance of flash photography and videography.
  1. Promotional Services
  • Organizers can request media, content and other services. Media services are the services provided through the SCENE Media offerings which are promotional spaces for Organizers on SCENE’s: (1) Mobile apps (Android and iOS). (2) Webapp. (3) SCENE’s Social media pages (4) SCENE’s emails and newsletters.
  • Content services are the services provided through the SCENE Content offerings which are content production services for Organizers. The content services are: (1) Graphic design. (2) Video. (3) Copywriting. (4) Photography. Other services include and are not limited to SCENE Reps (Representatives on behalf of the Organizer and SCENE to communicate about a scene on the Platform in addition to the Organizer’s and SCENE’s social media channels), equipment leasing, on-site services, printed Tickets and dedicated account management.
  • Fees and terms of services for the abovementioned Promotional services will be disclosed to Organizers prior to their acceptance of such services. For the payment of the Promotional services, SCENE will send an invoice to the Organizer by any appropriate means. The Organizer warrants to SCENE that the they have the authorizations required to make the payment. Considering that SCENE works with limited niche-specific featured spaces on SCENE Media a signed invoice and fully advanced payment is required to book the space before the date of publishing on SCENE Media.
  • For SCENE Content and other SCENE Promotional services, a signed invoice and a minimum deposit of 50% of the agreed quotation agreed upon is required for SCENE to commence with the execution of the services, with the remaining 50% of the payment to be on the delivery date of the service.
  • Timely payments are essential to run the Platform and continue to support SCENE’s Organizers at efficient speed and with high-quality standards.
  1. Promotional Services Late Payment and Defaults
  • The Organizer is informed and expressly accepts that any late payment of all or part of a sum owed to SCENE will, from the day after the due date appearing on the invoice, lead to:
    • The immediate suspension of the services until all the amounts owed have been paid in full.
    • Expiry of the term in case the payment due is for reserving promotional spaces on SCENE Media. SCENE has the right to pass it on to next available Organizer.
    • SCENE reserves the right to pursue any late and unpaid amounts due and owing to SCENE or any of its affiliates for collections if such amounts are not paid within thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice. In addition, the Organizer agrees to promptly and fully reimburse SCENE upon demand for all out-of-pocket costs and expenses, including and without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses, incurred by SCENE or any of its affiliates in collecting past due amounts or any other amounts due and owing from the Organizer or any of its affiliates under this ‘Terms of Service for Organizers’ Agreement, or any or other additional agreement for services provided by SCENE.
  1. Organizer Liable VAT and Taxes
  • The Organizer is solely responsible for determining which, if any, sales, value added, excise or other taxes and charges (collectively, “Taxes”) apply to the Organizer’s use of the Tickets Sales Services via the Platform. The Organizer agrees that it is their sole responsibility to include the taxes in the Ticket’s listed ‘net price’, and that the Organizer will, collect and remit the correct amounts of all such Taxes to the applicable governmental authorities (“Tax Authorities”).
  • The Organizer hereby provides their tax registration number to SCENE for verifications if required by the jurisdiction, and will warrant that such tax registration number is true and correct. SCENE cannot provide the Organizer legal or tax advice, so Organizers are requested to check with their own local tax advisor about any applicable Taxes.
  1. Scenes Cancelation, Account Deletion, Account Deactivation
  • Organizers can cancel a scene or stop the selling of any Ticket directly via their Account on the Platform.
  • Organizers can permanently delete their account on the SCENE platform, by contacting Scene at info@scene.app and submitting a request for account deletion by providing their SCENE username and email. Deleting a SCENE Account will remove all an account’s data and login details. There will be no possibility to restore an account as it will be permanently deleted.
  1. Account and Sales Termination
  • SCENE reserves the right to terminate an Organizer’s right to use the Platform and Ticketing services at any time if
    • the Organizer violates or breaches these Terms;
    • the Organizer misuses or abuses the Platform and its Services, or uses the Platform in a way that is not intended or permitted by SCENE;
    • allowing the Organizer to access and use the Services would violate any applicable local, state, provincial, national and other laws, rules and regulations or would expose SCENE to legal liability.
  • SCENE may choose to stop offering the Services, or any particular portion of the Services, or modify or replace any aspect of the Services, at any time.
  • SCENE will provide the Organizer with notice of termination, the Organizer agrees that SCENE will not be liable to them or any third party as a result of its termination of the Organizer’s right to use or otherwise access the Platform.
  1. Review of scenes on the Platform
  • SCENE, at its sole discretion, reviews the Content of all scenes that are created by Organizers using the Platform to make sure they meet the guidelines set forth in this Agreement. scenes that are deemed to be in violation of the Agreement will be deleted from the Platform and the Organizer will be emailed the reason for deletion.
  1. Prohibited scenes
  • Organizers may not add scenes or engage in activities through the Platform that:
    • Violate or facilitate the violation of any applicable local, provincial, national or other law, rule or regulation.
    • Add scenes used to sell Tickets as charity donations or scenes used for personal fund raising.
    • Add scenes used to sell Tickets for raffles, sweepstakes, or gambling.
    • Add scenes containing any Content (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) that would violate this Agreement.
    • Add scenes that are used to facilitate sales and provision of illegal goods or services considered illegal in the jurisdiction where the scene is taking place.
  1. Prohibited Transactions
  • Any transaction that is fraudulent or criminal in nature.
  • Any transaction that would violate or is considered a “high risk” transaction determined by SCENE or SCENE’s payment gateway service provider.
  1. Length of Services and Unsubscribing
  • These Terms apply throughout the Organizer’s period of usage of the Services as stated in the Specific Conditions.
  • The abovementioned services shall be automatically renewed for successive periods of the same duration, unless terminated by either SCENE or the Organizer where either party sends to the other party by registered account email with request for un-subscription and/or termination of services.
  1. Agreement on Proof
  • The Organizer expressly acknowledges and accepts that:
    • Data collected by the Platform and on SCENE’s systems, software, infrastructure, databases and any other IT asset is a true reflection of the transactions taking place under this Agreement.
    • This data constitutes the main form of proof admitted by the parties.
  1. Mutual Indemnity
  • The Organizer agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold SCENE, SCENE’s related companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, joint ventures, third party service providers, and SCENE’s respective employees, contractors, agents, officers, employees and directors harmless from all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, that arise out any Claim or Lawsuit by a third party or an Attendee as a result of the Organizer breaching these ‘Ticketing Terms of Service for Organizers’, or the Organizer breaching any applicable local, state, provincial, national or other law, rule or regulation or the rights of any third party.
  • All Terms herewith are effective immediately as soon as the Organizer signs the ‘Ticketing Terms of Service for Organizers’ Agreement, and shall continue as long as the Account is accessible and active on the Platform. The Terms are ineffective if the account is deactivated or deleted by the Organizer, or if the Organizer’s account is terminated by SCENE due to a breach of the ‘Ticketing Terms of Service for Organizers’.
  1. No Waiver
  • The Organizer understands and agrees that no term or provision of this Agreement will be deemed to have been waived and no breach will be deemed to have been consented to unless said waiver or consent is in writing and signed by the party to be charged.
  1. Terms of Acceptance
  • By accepting the ‘Ticketing Terms of Service for Organizers’, an Organizer agrees and enters into a binding contract with SCENE, which will be applicable when the Organizer signs the ‘Ticketing Terms of Service for Organizers’ Agreement.
  1. Terms Effectiveness
  • The Organizer acknowledges that SCENE does not guarantee the truth or accuracy of any information provided by Attendees (including personal information shared in connection with Tickets purchase).
  • Except as otherwise set forth herein, these Terms constitute the entire Agreement between you and SCENE and govern your use of the Services, superseding any prior or contemporaneous agreements, proposals, discussions or communications between you and SCENE on the subject matter hereof.
  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
  • The ‘Ticketing Terms of Service for Organizers’ are subject to governing ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market) where the Company is registered at, and will be governed and interpreted in line with it.
  • If there is any dispute about or involving the Platform, or a dispute arising from using the Platform, the User agrees that the dispute will be governed and construed by ‘ADGM Courts’ which is governed by English law.
  1. Tickets Help
  • Organizers can reply to Attendees’ inquiries, comments or concerns by:
    • Responding to public inquiries posted on the Inquiries section on a scene’s page on the Platform.
    • Messaging the Attendee privately via the Platform.
  • If you have any queries, comments or concerns, related to bookings and purchases made on the Platform, or you require help on technical and account matters, please contact us through the following means: