Better together :)
  • Become the go-to brand name and platform for Entertainment and City Experiences discovery within a niche B2B2C social network-marketplace model which equally caters to both sides of the platform (attendees and organizers) to deliver unmatched value, sustain high retention rate and accelerate network effects.
  • Develop a one-stop social solution for discovering happenings, finding tickets and offers, networking, planning outings, capturing moments and sharing visually interactive experiences.
  • Millennials and Generation Z increasingly value connecting, new experiences and travel over owning things. Socialization is number one motive for attending events and activities. SCENE capitalizes on these trends and prioritizes niche networking capabilities to transform online interactions into real-life social experiences by bringing like-minded people together and creating transitional online-offline communities around shared lifestyles and interests, as well as by building a credible city-based livefeed for organizing scenes, and sharing the latest happenings, experiences, recommendations, and peer reviews.
  • Empower organizers and marketers with the ability to list scenes, manage profiles, promote, sell tickets, share livefeed content, engage directly with their target potential customers, and re-target past attendees within their niche network on-the-go.

  • Help organizers and venues in increasing footfall, eliminating marketing campaigns high drop-off rate and closing the loop from discoverability to ticketing.
  • Seamlessly facilitate direct attendee-to-organizer access and engagement, and direct customer services throughout a scene’s lifecycle (pre, during and after) for optimum visibility and conversion.