MENA’s tourism and entertainment markets are continuously
buzzing with tourists and home to a growing expat population.

MENA’s travel and tourism market is booming at an accelerated rate with total valuation projected to exceed $350 billion by 2027, while the online booking market is projected to reach $110 Billion by 2022 with 50-70% of travel budget spent on leisure activities, tours and city experiences. MENA’s online events and live entertainment ticketing is valued at $8 billion by 2020. Furthermore, MENA is the 2nd fastest growing online travel and tourism market worldwide.

SCENE is entering the market as the-first-of-its-kind B2B and B2C platform, integrating an AI-powered network with a marketplace, targeting the events, entertainment, tourism and MICE sectors.

Through SCENE, businesses directly access a one-stop self-service based platform to list, promote, and manage tickets/offers sales. This is made possible through providing an automated journey for consumers, from discovery to purchasing, via seamless cashless payment solutions (with local currencies) and a smart check-in system. The journey is optimized with customer-engagement and networking tools, personalized segmented offerings and actionable data insights.

SCENE is not only about a conveniently personalized list of happenings; it also enriches tourists’ experiences by connecting them online-to-offline with residents or other tourists and enables them to engage directly with organizers, which in turn boosts attendance and ROI.

The MENA region is buzzing with millennials and Generation Z’s. These age groups who value connecting, new experiences and travel over owning things. Socialization is number one motive for attending events and activities. SCENE capitalizes on these trends and prioritizes niche networking capabilities to transform online interactions into real-life social experiences by bringing like-minded people together and creating online-to-offline communities around shared lifestyles and interests, as well as by building a credible city-based livefeed for organizing scenes and sharing the latest happenings, experiences, recommendations and peer reviews.

SCENE addresses the nagging question of how to easily meet like-minded people in a new or fast-paced city, or even how to meet new people outside of a person‘s social circle. Social clubs, sports venues and events are the typical go-to when it comes to creating new friendships. However, the objective of establishing new friendships and actively socializing with new people is not necessarily mutually expressed by all attendees, which makes the process much harder.

SCENE makes this easier in a number of ways

Users finding each other as per lifestyle keywords

Joining one of SCENE’s interests-based activities (Examples: Sports Getogethers, Hobbyists and Gaming Geeks)

Striking up conversations with others attending the same scene (depends on privacy settings).

But SCENE doesn’t leave things here, it also facilitates for on-ground interaction to take place after online engagement:
  • Brining people online-to-offline through the activities feature,
  • Joining other attendees to an event, activity or attraction.
In short, SCENE is about bringing like-minded people together and transforming online interactions into meaningful real-life social expereinces while making the most out of what the city has to offer